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Prosperity Bowl With Hearts

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Genuine Salt Crystal Pyramid Lamp

Evoke an image of ancient Egypt. Harness the pyramid's natural properties.

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Himalayan Salt

Choose MAK Mystic in Calgary for your Crystal Salt Products

What could be more natural than a Himalayan rock salt crystal lamp? Our lamps are made from salt crystal rocks—formed by nature hundreds of millions of years ago from the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalayan salt is pre-pollution; it is the purest, cleanest, most natural and complete salt available.

It is also used to make other consumer goods:

MAK Mystic Expressions is your 'natural' choice in Calgary for all of these products. We welcome you to browse our site, check out all of our crystal salt lamps and other salt products and learn about their benefits.

Each Lamp is Unique

Each Himalayan salt lamp is carefully hand crafted to retain the natural shape and structure of the salt rock. The result of this process is a unique lamp that not only beautifies your room with its warm glow, but also provides many benefits associated with being a natural ion generator.

Feng Shui in the Home

Welcome some positive ch'i into your home and into your life by adding soft light into all areas of your home. With the warm, glowing light from a selection of salt crystal lamps or candleholders, you will establish harmony in your home, creating an environment that will enrich your life.

At the same time, the orange colour from the lamps plays an important role in enhancing Feng Shui in the home. It strengthens your concentration and stimulates creativity; it is also the colour of organization. Please check our selection of Feng Shui Lamps and begin bringing some positive ch'i into your life.

New Product!

Triple X-L Lamp

We are now offering a new salt lamp product— a Triple-XL salt lamp—perfect for yoga, pilates, massage studios or for any large room (see image below).

Check out our salt lamp page to see our selection of Himalayan salt crystal lamps.

Triple-XL salt crystal lamp

A "new" product, Triple-XL salt lamp, shown next to a mini lamp for perspective.