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MAK Mystic Expressions is proud to be a local business, offering natural health products to Calgarians and rural Albertans. Although we have a local flavour, we are backed by a national supplier, which ensures that you are offered a large variety of quality products from a reliable source.

We are happy to sell these products to retailers, professional offices and individuals. See a few examples of where salt products are being used currently and who are buying them.

Salt Crystal Information

Origin of our Himalayan Rock Salt Products

The crystal salt rocks used for our products were formed millions of years ago by natural forces. When the ancient sea near the Himalayas dried up from the energy of the sun, layers of salt were deposited deep into the earth ... more

Fast Facts

Himalayan crystal salt is superior to modern, chemically refined salt in many ways. Notably, Himalayan salt ...

Uses for Salt Crystal Lamps

Salt Crystal Lamps

The use of salt lamps is becoming more prevalent in homes, studios and offices. The reason for their wide-spread acceptance is because of the various benefits associated with their use. Some examples of where these lamps are currently being used are listed below.

lighting for massage therapy rooms, yoga studios

Use one or more lamps in a massage or therapy room to help promote a soothing, relaxing, and refreshing environment. For similar reasons, this will also enhance yoga sessions, allowing them to be much more effective.

waiting room or treating room for health professionals

By using a salt crystal lamp in your waiting room, you will create a more calming and relaxing atmosphere for your patients or clients. Used in a treating room, salt lamps will assist with the healing process.

unique home lighting

The warm glow from our salt crystal lamps would be a welcome addition to any room. Any area for which you would like to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, or simply enhance the beauty, would benefit from the addition of one or more lamps from MAK Mystic Expressions. Enjoy them in:

Feng Shui Lamps

Feng Shui consultants recommend placing one or more lamps in strategic locations of your home to stimulate ch'i. For example, use a lamp in the prosperity area of the home to improve wealth and finances, or use a lamp in the relationship corner.

A pyramid salt lamp is one of the many unique Feng Shui lamps that we offer. Placed next to a computer, it helps you concentrate and helps reduce the electromagnetic fields surrounding electrical devices. A pyramid salt lamp makes a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone that follows Feng Shui or for someone that spends significant amounts of time working with computer equipment.

Please check our lamps section for more information about our salt lamps, Feng Shui lamps and tea lights, and our other salt products section to see kitchen, bath and health products made from Himalayan rock salt.

What our customers say . . .

        I Loooooove My Salt Lamp! It is in my living room and I keep it on all day long. When I walk into the room and see it, my shoulders drop. I breathe and immediately feel relaxed.

The light is soft and has a cozyness to it. It draws me to want to sit by it and when I don't I get equally as much pleasure looking
at it.

Melville, Saskatchewan

        After purchasing our Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp and placing it on the night stand in our bedroom, my wife and I noticed that there was a definite decrease in our snoring. It appeared to be helping with our breathing.

As well when we purchased our new furniture and discovered it had terrible off gassing, we placed 2 of the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps in our living room and noticed that the off gassing from the new furniture appeared to be causing us less

Cliff McTavish,
Calgary, Alberta

3 unique salt lamps

A selection of salt lamps for your home, office or studio.

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pyramid shaped salt lamp

A pyramid-shaped Feng Shui lamp will increase your concentration.