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Benefits Beautifies a Room | Cleanses Your Body | Detoxifies | Elevates Your Mood | Promotes Concentration | Promotes Relaxation | Purifies the Air | Increases Ch'i Energy | Improves PH Levels
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Benefits of Salt Crystal Lamps

Ionic Air Purifier

Research proves that heated salt crystal lamps are natural ion generators. They bind the negative ions with excess positive ions ( that are produced by electrical appliances and computers). When the lamps become warm, they absorb moisture and the surface crystals become damp. This builds up the ion field.

What is the effect of this reaction? The ambient air surrounding the lamp is cleaned by the transformation cycle of hydrogen and oxygen, as well as sodium and chloride ions. The resulting purified air is helpful in the relief of asthma symptoms and upper respiratory problems.

Promote Concentration and Productivity

Use MAK's unique and beautiful lamps in your home office or at work to reduce fatigue. The lamp will help neutralize the electromagnetic pollution emitted by computers and office equipment. Using a salt lamp at work can improve your concentration, enhance your environment and increase your productivity.

Benefits of Feng Shui Lamps

Increase Ch'i Energy

Add a MAK Mystic Expressions prosperity basket to your home. The prosperity basket is highly recommended by Feng Shui masters around the world; it is an excellent source of ch'i. Also, establish some harmony in your home and increase ch'i by adding one or more of our Feng Shui lamps at strategic locations in your home.

As an alternative to a naturally-shaped salt lamp, try one of MAK's pyramid lamps to improve concentration and help reduce the electromagnetic fields surrounding electrical devices. As an added benefit, they will enhance the atmosphere of your office!

Elevate Your Mood

There's nothing like a beautiful sphere lamp or cylinder-shaped lamp to enhance your mood. These make a perfect gift for Feng Shui lovers.

Benefits of Rock Salt Tea Lights

Enhance Beauty and Romance

As with our salt lamps, MAK's tea light holders will also beautify any room. Additionally, they can create a romantic environment; try placing a few tea lights around your tub for a stimulating and soothing salt bath.

Use as Indoor Air Purifiers

Salt rock tea lights also offer the same benefits derived from salt lamps. They can be used in the home as an ionic air purifier, reducing electromagnetic pollution and helping those people with asthma and upper respiratory problems. They also are ideal as natural mood elevators.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Baths

Dissolve Stress as you Relax

Pamper yourself with a soothing, relaxing salt crystal bath. Feel the stress and tensions of the day drain away while you cleanse your body. Salt baths are also great for easing aches and pains.

Cleanse and Rejuvenate Your Skin

Himalayan salt crystals from MAK Mystic Expressions are untreated and unscented, making for a pleasurable, healthful and harmonious bathing experience. This unique salt will rejuvenate and stimulate your skin according to its needs; it has a strong purifying and re-mineralizing effect. When used during a new moon, your body's capacity for detoxification is at its peak, thus it is an optimal time for a cleansing salt bath.

Benefits of Salt Crystal Brine Solution

Improve Your Body's PH Balance

Harmonize the alkaline/acidity balance (PH balance) in your body using a brine solution (sole) made with Himalayan salt crystals, which are available from MAK Mystic Expressions.

Detoxify Your Body

It is believed that sole (brine solution) can help detoxify your body by dissolving and eliminating impurities and built-up toxins which lead to kidney and gall bladder stones and various forms of rheumatism.

Salt lamp adding warmth to a planter

Beautify any room and enhance your mood, while purifying the air you breathe.