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Welcome some positive ch'i into your home and into your life by adding soft light into all areas of your home. With the warm, glowing light from a selection of salt crystal lamps or candleholders, you will establish harmony in your home, creating an environment that will enrich your life.

At the same time, the orange colour from the lamps plays an important role in enhancing Feng Shui in the home. It strengthens your concentration and stimulates creativity; it is also the colour of organization.

Ionic Air Purifier

In addition to enjoying their warm light, colour and feng shui properties, you can also benefit from using a feng shui lamp as a natural ionic air purifier. The negative ions generated from these lights allow you to enjoy the same health benefits that our natural shaped lamps provide.

Prosperity Basket or Prosperity Bowl

crystal salt prosperity basket crystal salt prosperity bowls

Weight: 8-9 lbs.
10 inch diameter

Purchase a prosperity basket or bowl for your home or as a truly unique gift; you will be impressed by its beautiful and elegant decor. Fill the basket with mixed salt crystals, with colours ranging from apricot, to orange and red.

The Prosperity Basket is highly recommended by Feng Shui masters around the world; it is an excellent source of ch'i. Place it in your career corner at home and in your work place.

The kit comes with a basket (or bowl), a six ft. electrical cord, a 15-watt bulb and eight lbs. of premium salt crystals. Arrange the crystals as you desire, then enjoy it and benefit from it for a long time to come.

Sphere Salt Crystal Lamp

sphere shaped crystal salt lamp

Weight: 5-7 lbs.

This lamp has mesmerizing beauty. Enjoy the sunset or sunrise effects in your own bedroom. It is just perfect for Feng Shui lovers! Put this lamp in the relationship corner.

Because all of these lamps are one-of-a-kind originals, the colours, weights and shapes may vary.

Egg Shaped Salt Lamp

egg shaped salt lamp

Weight: 5-7 lbs.

It's the universal symbol of life, rebirth and fertility. The egg-shaped crystal salt lamp is a must-have gift for newly weds and collectors.

Because all of these lamps are one-of-a-kind originals, the colours, weights and shapes may vary.

Cylinder Shaped Salt Lamp

cylinder shaped salt lamp

Weight: 4-6 lbs.
Width: 4"-5"
Height: 6"-8"

The cylinder salt crystal lamp makes a beautiful, decorative lamp for any room in the house. It has ionizing effects and reduces electro-magnetic fields.

This lamp makes a unique gift for any occasion and will be especially loved by any Feng Shui followers.

Because all of these lamps are one-of-a-kind originals, the colours may vary.

Pyramid Salt Crystal Lamp

pyramid shaped salt lamp

Weight: 5-7 lbs.

For centuries pyramids have been associated with the quest for knowledge. A pyramid salt lamp placed next to a computer helps you concentrate and helps reduce the electromagnetic fields surrounding electrical devices.

A pyramid salt lamp makes a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone that follows Feng Shui or for someone that spends significant amounts of time working with computer equipment.

Because all of these lamps are one-of-a-kind originals, the colours, weights and shapes may vary.

prosperity bowl with heart-shaped crystals

NEW Product: Prosperity Bowl with Hearts