Should You Use Windows Or Android For Your Business Device?

Microsoft Windows Phone now dominates the smart-phone market in terms of being the leading smart phone platform. Nowadays many people are asking if using Windows Phone is better than using a mobile phone based on its platform. In this article I will compare and analyze the advantages of using Windows Phone and a particular mobile phone based on Android or iPhone. My main purpose here is to find out which one is a better platform for businesses, whether it is Windows Mobile or Android.

Microsoft Windows Phone is usually used by larger firms with over 10- Fifty employees and over a M-10M budget. However, data for Microsoft Windows Phone use goes back to as early as 5 years ago. So we can say that Windows has built its own legacy in the form of being the most widely used mobile platform. As the organization grows larger, so does the requirement of having a bigger storage capacity and better management of data.

When compared to Android mobile phone apps, the first thing that comes to mind is how much easier it is to navigate and use Microsoft Windows. The Windows ecosystem provides more robust app platform including great Office productivity apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. When it comes to entertainment apps, the Android ecosystem mostly dominate with games and music players, whereas Microsoft Surface and Xbox 360 have become second nature to many. As for using Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, again the Android apps are more preferred.

Businesses must be aware that these benefits come at a cost. The big disadvantage when using Windows is that the users tend to get less user friendly apps. This means that while using this operating system, the users tend to get less out of their device. This might be because of lack of expertise when using these apps or due to the overall size and weight of these apps. The apps being provided are not customized to suit the needs of a certain device and hence may not be able to accommodate all the features a business requires.

In addition, it also lacks access to certain features like Bluetooth, USB and memory card. The Android devices have these features built-in since they were first released. They are also available in a wider variety than what Microsoft Surface offers. Since Android devices are more popular than the Surface, many third party developers have created many unique and useful apps. These apps make using these devices even more useful for its users.

However, some businesses are reluctant to switch from Android devices to Windows based PCs due to security concerns. In spite of these risks, Windows can also offer certain advantages over Android. First, Windows has a long operating system support. As compared to Android’s generally short OS support, which could often lead to device downtime, the Windows platform has a much longer stability record. With Windows, users are also given the option to switch between different device profiles, which could also lead to better user experience.

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